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At Coastal Podiatrynear Palmview, we use the very latest in 3D digital orthotics technology to bring you the best in prescription and prefabricated orthotic technology.
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Why Choose Coastal Podiatry for Your Custom Orthotics?

Personalised Care

Every foot is unique, and so are your needs. We provide a detailed assessment, including 3D laser foot scanning, to design orthotics that fit your feet perfectly, offering unmatched comfort and support.

Advanced Technology

Say goodbye to messy plaster casting! Our clinic utilises cutting-edge technology for precise measurements and assessments, ensuring your custom orthotics are crafted with unparalleled accuracy.

Exceptional Knowledge

Our team of professionals are skilled in diagnosing and managing a variety of foot conditions. From initial assessment to custom design and fitting, we're with you every step of the way.

Comprehensive Support

Whether you're an athlete looking to enhance performance, dealing with chronic pain, or seeking preventive care, our custom orthotics provide the support and relief you need.

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Custom Orthotics: What are they?

Your overall biomechanics is influenced by your foot alignment. Poor alignment can lead many problems and cause pain throughout your body. Orthotics can assist you in aligning your body and relieving discomfort while improving mobility. Orthotics are a great way to improve your musculoskeletal function. Coastal Podiatry can provide custom orthotics on Sunshine Coast. We offer a thorough assessment and use the most advanced technology. To find out if orthotics might be a good option for you, book an appointment today.
Custom Orthotics

Orthotics: How can they help you?

A variety of conditions can be treated with custom foot orthotics, such as:

Alleviate Pressure

By redistributing weight evenly across your feet, custom orthotics relieve pressure from painful joints and areas prone to ulcers, especially important for diabetic patients.

Support and Stability

From arch support to ankle stability, our orthotics are designed to bolster the natural structure of your feet and legs, reducing fatigue and enhancing balance.

Correct Biomechanics

By adjusting foot movement and alignment, our orthotics can correct biomechanical issues, reducing the strain on tendons and ligaments and preventing injuries.

Customised for Your Life

Whether you're on your feet all day, engaging in sports, or dealing with specific conditions like plantar fasciitis or flat feet, our orthotics are tailored to your activities and challenges.

Orthotic Palmview

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The Path to Orthotics

Clinical assessment

Your podiatrist first will complete a detailed clinical assessment to determine which treatment is best. Your biomechanics and history will be considered along with your current condition.

Treatment recommendation

We'll assist you to choose the best treatment. It could be custom orthotics or another type of treatment.

3D Scanning

Our advanced technology scans your feet to create a custom device that fits your body, needs, lifestyle, and feet.


Your orthotics will be made using the finest materials. Your orthotics will be one of a kind.


Now you can finally get your new custom orthotics.

Custom Orthotics made with the most advanced technology

Using the latest cutting-edge technology in CAD/CAM and 3D Scanning we can design our prescription precisely to the contours of your feet to ensure we get the best possible outcomes for your injury or condition. Computer Aided Design/ Computer Aided Manufacture is a digital design process that allows us to create orthotics from a detailed 3D scan. The computer-aided fabrication is then used to precisely create your custom-made orthotics. This new technology provides additional benefits like less bulk and lighter orthotics. This means your orthotics will fit more seamlessly into various types of shoes.

Custom Orthotics Palmview

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What Is the Difference Between Custom Orthotics and Off The Shelf Orthotics.

Custom-made foot orthotics can be manufactured in many ways using different materials. The main difference that you will notice is:

1. Custom
2. Off the shelf

Custom orthotics are made specifically for patients and are one-of-a-kind. The orthotics professional takes an impression of the foot with a laser, cast, or foam and gives exact measurements. The orthotics then take that impression and designs the orthotic specifically for the individual. This is where the goal is to ensure that you have full mobility and function while running or walking.

Off the shelf products can be called “custom” when this isn’t accurate. Although they call it “customised”, this is a marketing term that encourages people to buy them. The quality and fit may be poor as they are mass-produced. Anything that is packaged and sold off-the-shelf will not be customised for you. You are definitely better off seeking a customised fit because feet are very different from person to person.

Orthotics FAQs

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Podiatry Near Palmview And Surrounding Suburbs

At Coastal Podiatry we service the local residents of Minyama, Mountain Creek, Caloundra, Sippy Downs, Warana, Wurtulla, Tanawha, Parrearra, Mooloolaba, Kawana Waters, Alexandra Headland, Bokarina, Buddina, Forest Glen and Birtinya.

Looking for a custom orthotics in the Sunshine Coast, or near the surrounding suburbs? Our clinics are conveniently located at Suite 1 / 68 Jessica Boulevard, Minyama. Queensland.

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The Sunshine Coast’s Leading Podiatrist

Coastal Podiatry near Palmview will conduct a complete biomechanical and clinical assessment of your feet before deciding if orthotic therapy is right for you. We will provide you with the most professional and appropriate advice that is tailored to you and your goals. We have the expertise to provide podiatry treatment to all ages, and for all types of conditions.

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