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Hip and Thigh Injuries

At Coastal Podiatry Foot & Ankle Clinic, located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, we focus in diagnosing and treating a broad spectrum of hip and thigh injuries and pain. We are dedicated to providing personalised, effective treatment plans for conditions ranging from arthritis to sports-related injuries, ensuring you can return to your daily activities with confidence and comfort.

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Understanding Hip and Thigh Pain

Hip and thigh pain can stem from various conditions, each presenting unique symptoms and requiring tailored treatment approaches. Whether you’re experiencing discomfort due to arthritis, muscle injuries, or bursitis, understanding the underlying cause is the first step toward recovery.
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Hip & Thigh Pain

Common Causes of Hip and Thigh Pain:


A degenerative condition affecting the hip joint, leading to inflammation and pain.

Hip Resurfacing

A surgical option involving metal implants to address diseased or damaged hip surfaces.

Dead Leg

An injury common in contact sports where muscles are crushed against bone.

Quadriceps Hematoma

A large bruise from a direct blow or strain, leading to bleeding within the thigh muscle.

Groin Strain

Damage to the inner thigh muscles, often seen in athletes.


Inflammation of the bursa in the hip, causing pain and discomfort.

Hip Impingement

A condition causing pain or 'catching' in the groin area, often due to labral tears or acetabulo-femoral impingement.

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Innovative Treatments for Hip and Thigh Pain

Prolotherapy injections

A regenerative medicine technique that can significantly alleviate hip and thigh pain by stimulating the body's natural healing processes to repair and strengthen injured tissues and joints.

Shockwave Therapy

A non-invasive treatment using energy waves to stimulate tissue healing.

MLS Laser Therapy

Similar to shockwave therapy, laser treatment promotes tissue repair and pain relief.

Custom/Prescription Orthotics

Aim to improve posture and alleviate joint stress.

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Achieve Optimal Mobility and Pain Relief

At Coastal Podiatry Foot & Ankle Clinic, we’re committed to helping you overcome hip and thigh pain with cutting-edge treatments and personalised care. Contact us today to explore how we can assist you in achieving optimal mobility and pain relief on the Sunshine Coast.

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