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MLS Laser Therapy

At Coastal Podiatry Foot & Ankle Clinic, we’re thrilled to offer you MLS Laser Therapy, a groundbreaking approach to musculoskeletal healing and recovery. This innovative therapy is your key to unlocking rapid relief from a variety of conditions, from sports injuries and arthritis to tendinitis and post-surgical recovery.

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How Does MLS Laser Therapy Work?

Imagine a treatment that dives deep into your cells, rejuvenating and repairing them from the inside out. MLS Laser Therapy does just that, using a dynamic duo of wavelengths (905nm and 808nm) in harmony to not only alleviate pain but also kickstart and speed up the healing process. This painless, non-invasive therapy has no known side effects, making it a game-changer in pain management and tissue repair.
MLS Laser Therapy Sunshine Coast
MLS Laser Therapy

Why MLS Laser Therapy Stands Out

Dual-Wavelength Technology

A unique blend of two wavelengths for double the healing power.

Comfort and Safety

Enjoy treatments free from discomfort and side effects, perfect for all ages.

Quick Sessions, Quick Results

Notice improvements fast, with sessions that fit seamlessly into your busy life.

Scientific Excellence

Our methods are rooted in extensive research, bringing you a treatment backed by science and success.

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Your MLS Laser Therapy Appointment: A Personalised Healing Experience

At Coastal Podiatry Foot & Ankle Clinic, your journey to recovery begins with a personalised touch. Your initial consultation involves a comprehensive assessment, designed to deeply understand your condition, conduct necessary tests, and craft a tailored treatment plan. This initial step ensures that if MLS Laser Therapy is right for you, we can commence treatment without delay, integrating it with other aspects of your care plan as needed.
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The MLS Laser Therapy Sessions

The MLS Laser Therapy session runs through three meticulously designed stages, ensuring a holistic treatment experience:
Scanning Phase

This involves sweeping over the surrounding area to boost blood flow and optimise healing conditions.


The core phase involves direct treatment of the affected area, which might include stationary application or gentle movement of the laser, all performed without discomfort or heat.

Trigger Points

We target any knots formed by injured muscles, which are efficiently released through precise laser application, facilitating smoother healing and repair. This structured approach not only promises immediate alleviation but also paves the way for a rapid and effective healing journey.

What Condition Can MLS Laser Help with?
MLS Laser Therapy isn’t just versatile; it’s a powerhouse against a wide array of conditions. Whether you’re facing the challenges of chronic pain, sports injuries, arthritis, or recovering from surgery, MLS Laser Therapy offers a beacon of hope. It’s especially beneficial for:
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The 10 Benefits of MLS Laser Therapy

Experience the comprehensive advantages of MLS Laser Therapy:

By causing vasodilation and activating the lymphatic drainage system, MLS Laser Therapy reduces swelling and inflammation, offering relief from bruising and inflammation.


MLS Laser Therapy blocks pain signals transmitted to the brain, decreases nerve sensitivity, and promotes the production of pain-relieving chemicals, resulting in decreased pain perception.

Accelerated Tissue Repair and Cell Growth

Photons of light penetrate deeply into tissues, accelerating cellular reproduction and repair, leading to faster healing of damaged cells.

Improved Vascular Activity

MLS Laser Therapy promotes the formation of new capillaries, hastening the healing process, closing wounds quickly, and reducing scar tissue formation.

Increases Metabolic Activity

By enhancing enzyme production and oxygen delivery to blood cells, MLS Laser Therapy boosts metabolic activity, facilitating faster healing.

Trigger Points and Acupuncture Points

MLS Laser Therapy provides non-invasive relief by stimulating muscle trigger points and acupuncture points, alleviating musculoskeletal pain.

Reduced Fibrous Tissue Formation

By reducing scar tissue formation, MLS Laser Therapy promotes proper tissue healing and reduces the risk of complications.

Improved Nerve Function

MLS Laser Therapy speeds up nerve cell reconnection, optimising muscle healing and reducing numbness and impairment.


MLS Laser Therapy stimulates immunity by activating immunoglobulins and lymphocytes, promoting overall well-being and healing.

Faster Wound Healing

By stimulating fibroblast development and collagen production, MLS Laser Therapy accelerates wound healing, making it effective for post-surgical recovery and wound management.

FAQs About MLS Laser Therapy

Experience Evidence-Based Excellence

Our MLS Laser Therapy system is backed by extensive research conducted in collaboration with esteemed institutions such as the Biomedical Experimental and Clinical Science Department of Florence University, Italy. With a focus on the photochemical, photothermal, and photomechanical effects of lasers on biological tissue, our treatments are grounded in scientific rigor and innovation.

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