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Coastal Podiatry TeamDo You Get Pain In Your Ankles?

  • Have you been taking painkillers and anti-inflammatories but still in pain?
  • Have you had Physio and still not great improvement?
  • Do you just think nothing can be done?

Ankle sprains occurs when the strong ligaments that support the ankle get stretch beyond their limits and tear. Ankle sprains are common injuries that can occur among people of all ages. They range from mild to severe depending upon how much damage there is to the ligaments.

Most ankle sprains are minor injuries. However, if your ankle is very swollen and painful to walk on or if you are having trouble putting weight on your ankle make sure to get it checked out by a professional.

If left without appropriate treatment and rehabilitation you are leaving yourself vulnerable to repeat sprains which maybe more severe and also will lead to an unstable ankle complex. Repeated ankle sprains can lead to long term problems including chronic ankle pain, arthritis, and ongoing instability.

Watch the video where Peter interviews one of his patients who came to see him after years of disabling ankle pain after believing that nothing could be done!

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